I told me so

The other day I wrote about procrastination and how I excelled at the art. Today is a physical representation of said skill. While leaving the house earlier this week I saw a snail. The snail was just chilling on the step. It was a cool snail, we hit it off. I thought, “you know what […]

“Hi, is that tech support?”

While perusing WordPress these past few days I came across numerous blogs which described themselves as “Tech-savvy” blogs or “Music blog with occasional tech insight ;)”. With my blog I am attempting to do many things but when it comes to technology I am going to be bluntly honest with you: I do not have […]

If not now then when? …. Later

This is an image that no student should have to see during the height of summer: the revision books out. When I should have been out enjoying the sun, basking in the heatwave that isn’t currently engulfing the country instead I was holed up inside, pouring myself over coursework. I guess that is what happens […]

“‘Classic.’ A book which people praise and don’t read.” Mark Twain

During term time I am normally so weighed down by university books that I have little to no free time to devote to anything but study. I appreciate that this sounds a little melodramatic, I must have some free time to do something else… For me it’s not necessarily the work but the general feeling […]