Cause Saturday Night’s the night I like, Saturday Night’s Alright… Alright, Alright!

One thing that I have learnt while I am here is that the French are very regimented when it comes to their food. In other words, you don’t snack between meals, you have meals at set times every day and every meal is balanced perfectly. There are no exceptions to this, deal with it. This […]

There’s a whisper at the window, I don’t know what it is, Maybe it’s the sound of the wind in the azaleas

My flat is on the ground floor and my bedroom has patio doors that looks out onto a little pond in the garden. Sounds idyllic right? I should probably mention that all I can really see is a hedge and that the pond is starved under a blanket of thick green ick…not so appealing now […]

Baby, they don’t need to show, flowers and football tops, I know

I miss going to the football. There are plenty of things that I miss while I am here but the football is nothing that I can’t find an equivalent of, there is no Celtic Park here, there aren’t the same people that I see at every match, there isn’t that excitement you get as you […]

There’s a party going on right here, a celebration to last throughout the years. So bring your good times and your laughter too

We are cake fiends. More specifically we are beautiful, French Patisserie cake fiends. We now have rather exacting standards on the cake front – not sure a M&S Colin the Caterpillar cake is ever really going to suffice again Today was Miss Laura’s birthday, otherwise known as Operation Chocolate Cake. The plan was simple: to […]

I’m gonna call and make a reservation for me. Gonna ride a blue train, gonna ride a blue train.

There are times when I am kicking about the city and almost forget where I am. Obvivously there are the little food shops that you don’t get at home, the impeccable French style and maybe the fact that everybody is speaking in French (!) to make me click that I am most definitely in France. […]