It’s the final countdown

Somehow I leave for France tomorrow. I have no clue where this summer has gone or where the first 2 years of my degree have gone for that matter! Going to live in France was always that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – sounded amazing but I wasn’t ever actually going […]

Let’s fly away, let’s fly, let’s fly

Location: Lyon After months of packing (literally) and years of planning (I’ve wanted to study in France since I was 15) the dream finally became a reality – I’m now officially living in France. Seeing Lyon through the window of the plane was one of the most surreal feelings: that city, that one right down […]

Say hello and wave goodbye

It’s shiny and new and I just about understand how to work it… T minus 36 hours until I leave Bonny Scotland and head on over to France for a wee while. The whole moving thing hasn’t stressed me out too much until, well, today. It is just beginning to hit me that I’m leaving […]

I’m the king of the castle

Paris has the Eiffel Tower, New York has the Empire State Building, London has Tower Bridge – Edinburgh has the castle. Edinburgh Castle dominates the landscape, standing like a sentry for the city. It is a relic of the rich history of the city and the country as a whole. As you walk the streets […]

Dance like no one’s watching you

The Edinburgh Festival is famous the world over. It is a festival of comedy, theatre, music, cabaret, spoken word, mime, circus….. If it is an artistic form then I promise you there is a space for it at the Edinburgh festival – think Portobello Road re Bedknobs and Broomsticks and make it into festival form! […]

We don’t need no education

There are some times when all you want to do is slob out and just not give a damn. When you can do this with other people, people who completely agree that large pizzas are the only way to go, music should always be played louder and that films that don’t screw with your mind […]

Take back the city for yourself tonight, I’ll take back the city for me

The old beside the new. One building is part demolished, the bricks strewn across what was once the building’s floor. The neighbouring building has its facade decorated with a mural depicting the Commonwealth games that will be hosted in the city next year. It’s slightly odd seeing the juxtaposition of the two buildings, evidence of […]

Pack it up pack it in, let me begin

So you’re moving to a different country for 9 months or so – what do you pack? There’s the obvious: essential clothes (jeans,t-shirts, sweaters, underwear, pyjamas, sports clothes) normal use shoes (a few pairs of flats, a pair of heels, trainers) hair essentials (straighteners, hairdryer) creature comforts (blanket, books, diary) everyday essentials (towels, bedding) Now […]

Put your hands up for Detroit, I love this city….

Is it art or nuisance? It’s a fairly simple question: when you see graffiti do you see a work of art or do you see the work of a lout with no respect for their environment? Personally I think graffiti is a breath of fresh air in our concrete jungles. Graffiti has developed far beyond […]