There’s a whisper at the window, I don’t know what it is, Maybe it’s the sound of the wind in the azaleas

My flat is on the ground floor and my bedroom has patio doors that looks out onto a little pond in the garden. Sounds idyllic right? I should probably mention that all I can really see is a hedge and that the pond is starved under a blanket of thick green ick…not so appealing now […]

Hello! Is it me you’re looking for?

One thing that almost every Erasmus student will struggle with is finding accommodation. You first have to decide whether you want to stay in halls of residence or a flat. Halls of residence obviously have their plus points in that everything is setup for you, you are in a building with lots of other students […]

These streets have too many names for me, I’m used to Glenfield Road and spending my time down in Orchy

Round 2: University 1 – 0 Peacock Wow they know how to work us hard in France…. On Monday I was a little too keen for university, only arrived 1.5hrs early for class, had slightly misjudged how long it would take me to get there Got the times slightly better this time and even met […]

Move on up towards your destination

In my first blog post I discussed the fact that I am “a bit” of a food snob. By this I mean that food is constantly on my mind and I will while away far too much time in cook shops/food shops/book shops with cookbook sections/restaurants/cafés and basically any establishment which allows me to immerse […]