This project started back in December ’12 when a very special person decided that the two of us were to embark on a joint endeavor: every day in 2013 we were to take a picture. This picture could be of anything , capturing a moment/sight/sound/feeling…really, we weren’t 100% sure what it was to be at all.

This New Year’s Resolution almost grew a life of its own – many a day I have gone out with the sole purpose of finding something “picture-of-the-day-worthy.” It became a conversation starter in its own right and people came to ask me if I had taken any new pictures of late that were particularly note worthy.  I have come to love sitting with a friend, sharing my pictures (or swapping them, depending on the friend 🙂 ) over coffee.

With my departure for France fast approaching I have become acutely aware that this little ritual will be hard to replicate for a while. It is for this reason that Profiteroles and Orange Juice was conceived – those who are interested can pop in and see what I am getting up to, l0ok at my little pictures and laugh at the daft musings 🙂

The pictures will never win any Sony World Photography Awards and they are not supposed to. They are pictures that I have taken on the spur of the moment, the composition may be awful, the lighting may be abysmal but in every picture there will be something that has caught my eye and will hopefully have some sort of story behind it. By the end of the year (and very potentially long beyond that) I hope to have something like an open, visual diary telling a rather pretty story.

Hope everybody enjoys and please feel free to send your own random/daft musings back



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