Harder to walk these days than run



I had a place in the Lyon marathon.
I trained for the Lyon marathon.
I couldn’t run the Lyon marathon.

In France there is a requirement that if you want to run a long-distance event then you have to have a doctor’s note stating that you are fit. After the whole business with my spleen my doctor very fairly opted not to give me said note. Hence, no marathon for me.

After you’ve run a marathon it’s like you’re drawn to do another and another. It also means that when you aren’t able to run and see all these other people completing it it can be soul-destroying/frustrating/depressing/encouraing/the kick that you need to get back out there.
This was the mix of emotions that hit me when I opened the curtains at mum’s hotel and saw line after line of runners streaming past her window!
I know that the route itself doesn’t look spectacular, a little loopy and repetitive for my liking, but I had set my heart on it – I am coming back another year and I am running this marathon!

I’ve never been on the other side of the fence; I’ve never been a spectator at a running event, only ever ran them. I always got really frustrated at the spectators who attempted to cross the pack of runners to get to the other side of the road. As a spectator at a marathon which literally criss-crossed the whole city I can now see why they do it!
In order to get to the market mum and I had to dash across the route, hoping that we didn’t somehow impede one of the runners!
Thankfully all was fine and I was finally able to take mum to the market that I’ve been raving about for so long! I’m pretty sure it lived up to her expectations and I quite enjoyed wondering around telling her which stall holder sold the best bread or the best tasting strawberry tarts 😀

Massive pasta lunch (cos you know, it’s such a typical French dish…..) then coffee and chill at my favourite coffee shop rounded off a great weekend.

Saying bye wasn’t fun but hey, can’t get rid of me for that long! :p

(Oh and the picture is a bottle of juice mum expertly wrapped and brought over, thanks mum!)

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