There’s a whisper at the window, I don’t know what it is, Maybe it’s the sound of the wind in the azaleas


My flat is on the ground floor and my bedroom has patio doors that looks out onto a little pond in the garden.
Sounds idyllic right?
I should probably mention that all I can really see is a hedge and that the pond is starved under a blanket of thick green ick…not so appealing now right?

Friday is usually my chill day; I have no classes so I spend the time in the flat, cleaning my room, catching up on work, having a lie in. When I rolled out of bed at the back of 10 there was absolutely nothing of note occurring in the garden when I opened my curtains – not really any great surprise there.
However as the morning progressed I sat and witnessed the opening of this beautiful flower that sat atop the green ick πŸ˜€
How anything lived in that I really have no clue!
It was amazing watching it happen, something that normally takes days and happens in such small, unnoticeable increments, occur right in front of you! I felt it was definitely necessary to take a picture of it even though I did risk dropping my phone in the slime. Believe me, if I had I would not have been sticking my hand in to find it!

While I am here I literally try to spend as much time as I can immersing myself in French. This can involve watching French tv, studying, reading vocab on the bus into university every morning, meeting French people for coffee, watching French films – really anything! Today I decided to treat myself and join the Community bandwagon (I’m a bit late I know but hey, better late than never!)
I really shouldn’t have started watching it as I am now more than slightly attached to it! Oops! It can be my treat from now on if I get a lot of work done :p

However, the most exciting thing of all today? MUM IS HERE! Yipee!

After meeting her at her rather plush hotel (!) we headed out to see the sites.
The weather gods must have known that 2 Scots had just met in Lyon as within 30 minutes the rain was battering down! The quirk about the rain here though is that it doesn’t necessarily mean cold! We weren’t going to let a little rain put us off so we grabbed a table under a parasol in Place des Terreaux and watched the world go by πŸ˜€

To finish off the night we stopped off in another lovely little Lyonnaise Bouchon. Finally I had the opportunity to share with mum the food that I had been raving about for so long, and it didn’t disappoint πŸ˜€ Lyonnaise salade, PatΓ©, pistachio sausage with lentils and chocolate mousse- so French, so Lyonnais, so good!

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