Ye cannae shove yer granny off a bus


Me and public transport do not get on. Our relationship can be quite strained at times and when things go wrong then stay well clear, you don’t want to get caught in the cross fire.

Wednesdays mean early starts up at 6am and out at 7 to catch the bus. Out I plod at what I still believe to be the absolute middle of the night.
First thing to note, there is fog. What?! Is this for real?! I can barely see 10 yards of front of me. Ironically all that I could see was the main road at the end of my street….or more precisely I could see MY bus pull away on the main road at the end of my street! I mean really, is this really how my day is going to go?
In some ways I can accept missing the bus if it is my fault. If I am late then of course Mr bus driver man is well within his right to leave, it is his job of course and there are other people on a schedule too.
What does peeve me a little though is when the bus leaves early!
When in the history of the world has a bus ever been early?!
I was perfectly on time for that bus but no, I can’t get that bus as the bus driver has decided that right now is a great time just to go ahead and leave!

So I sit and wait at the bus stop, in the fog. I’m thinking that the next bus should get me to university in time but it’s definitely going to be tight.
Then the next bus pulls up.
It is packed.
I mean, sardines kind of packed.

Well done Mr bus driver, you made everybody miss the bus now we are all piled into this one :l
There is nothing for it though, I’m getting on this bus.
Elbows at the ready I poke and prod my way onto the bus. At home I would be mortified to act that way but believe me, British manners don’t count for much here.

And we’re on our way.

And….now we’re not.
The bus comes to an absolute standstill, followed by a crawl, then a standstill.
This is not a good day for Lyon’s “stellar” public transport system.

At the first possible stop near to a metro I squeeze off the bus – I’ll take my chances on the metro to get to uni. To the metro I go, touch my card to get in and low and behold someone pushes in in front of me and takes my journey (you can only pay once with your travel card). No bother, don’t mind me as I go and pay for ANOTHER journey :l
Hugely unimpressed I run down to the platform – ah another packed train, that’s just lovely. Taking a run at it I manage to get in the train and eventually get to uni……perfectly on time with 30seconds to spare.

Good thing to know it can be done but believe me, I will not be taking the later bus again any time soon!

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