Food Glorious Food


The majority of my posts are about food, even the title of my blog is food related. I am trying my best not to turn it simply into a food of France blog but hey, it’s tough!
To show my obsession I present to you my picture of the day: it’s a sandwich.
The sandwich in question was my lunch and was the subject of many many Facebook messages this morning to Miss C Light.

It shows that year abroad is definitely not only a case of living the high life!

Due to a ridiculously times lecture that stretches right over lunch, from 11am-2pm, (you’d think the French of all people would know that this is not on!) I decided to make like a frugal student and use my market purchases to create a rather delicious sandwich.
I’m bigging this sandwich up a bit so I bet you are dying to know what is actually in it: foie gras maybe? Truffles? The tears of a unicorn?


It was a simple creation made with amazingly yummy ingredients – fresh market softly fluffy bread, spinach, red onions, tomatoes, crumbled goats cheese and thinly sliced pieces of cured sausage. It may not have been winning any Michelin stars but believe me, after 2 hours of comparative law all taught in French, this sandwich in the break was Heaven!

I promised Miss C Light that after so much sandwich chat I would eventually just post the picture of the sandwich. So there it is, in all its sandwich-y glory 😀

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