Spread your wings and let’s fly away



Having spent over a month and a half in Lyon Miss Laura and I decided that it was time to spread our wings a bit and head out of the city. In true student form we had one requirement re the location: the ticket had to be cheap!
Simple – Geneva it was. It is only 2 hours away by train and the tickets were cheap – what more could you ask for?

I’ve come to accept that things here are just different. Things that you expect to be straightforward aren’t and the things that you can’t even fathom being different from at home turn out to be just plain weird!
For example, the train pulls up and everybody is queuing to get on. It wasn’t the normal train-crush queue though this was a proper queue snaking down the platform. Once we were on-board we appreciated why: instead of the normal aisle down the middle of the carriage and the seats on either side the aisle stretched down one side of the train with personal compartments on the other. It was like the Hogwarts Express!

The journey itself was pleasant and the landscape around us was fairly reminiscent of Scotland which is always nice πŸ™‚

Stereotypes about Switzerland: The people are friendly
The country is clean
It is expensive
They make a lot of chocolate, watches and Swiss Army Knives

The stereotypes that we found to be true:The people are friendly
The country is clean
It is expensive
They make a lot of chocolate, watches and Swiss Army Knives

Geneva is a very cool place and a lot smaller than I expected. It’s hard to believe that most if not all of the world’s major organisations are based in such a tiny place! We took the bus tour of the city and covered everything and I mean practically the whole city in 1.5 hrs. It was a bit surreal being shown the UN, UNICEF, Red Cross, WHO, World Trade Organisation in the space of about 15 mins. I don’t really know what I expected, maybe lights, fireworks, diplomats but to be honest the buildings themselves were a bit nondescript!

Tour done, shopping done and now for lunch.
We wanted something Swiss/Alpine, something that we couldn’t get in Lyon. Having met a colleague of my mum’s (Hi Patrick!) we were taken to a restaurant which we were assured served some of the best fondue in the city.
Though the price was a little eye-watering (note the stereotype!) the fondue was incredible! I love cheese, love love love cheese but the smell of this even made me question whether it was worth trying. Thankfully I did as it was amazing πŸ˜€

Next stop – chocolate shop. After watching a man spend 150F on chocolate alone (yes it is expensive there but 150F was still unbelievable) I plumped for a rather more affordable bag of chocolate truffles. The truffles were shaped like walnuts, filled with chocolate and walnut mousse with a slice of walnut in the middle…I am in half a mind to go back now for more they were so incredible!

The main sights of Geneva: the fountain, the flower clock, the UN, the Red Cross.
All were very impressive yet I chose to take a picture of cheese…not what you expected was it? :p

Other things of note today
(1) Swiss money is most definitely the coolest money ever! It doesn’t look real; it’s so multi-coloured, the coins come in fractions of Francs i.e. 1/2 F coin rather than 50 centimes. I was actually give a 5F coin in change, that blew my mind!
(2) We went into the first McDonald’s in Switzerland! (It was to go to the toilet, don’t judge!)
(3) The train on the way back was normal and rubbish!

Well thank you for having me Switzerland, will definitely be back

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