Carry me home, carry me home



I take a picture every day. That is kinda the point of this whole blog. Sometimes I forget and have to rack my brains to think what I did that day so that I can go and take a matching picture. This blog post is sort of the opposite of that – I took the picture, even started writing the blog but somehow failed to finish it and subsequently moved on with the next ones and completely forgot about it – poor blog post 😦

So this is the post that should belong after “I wanna be like you, I wanna walk like you, talk like you” for 26th September.

It’s a picture of me cooking my dinner. It’s not an overly exciting dinner – mushrooms cooked in cream, stewed red onions and pan-fried turkey breast. Pretty much everything was bought simply because they were cheap so can’t even take any credit for the ingredients!
This picture was actually only taken in reply to one I received of somebody else’s dinner, beans on toast with boursin cheese. That wouldn’t sound much to me if I was at home but here? Here that sounds like Haute Cuisine! Baked beans are like gold dust here and so cost just as much as gold itself.

It’s hard when you are here trying to get the balance right of “home food” and “foreign food.” I mean of course I would like to eat beans on toast, cheddar cheese on toast, steak pie, roast dinners, proper school lunch style puddings (I literally could go on for a while but will limit myself to those few!) but I know that they will still be there when I’m home. On the other hand it is quite fun to try the French version of foods you know or try other things that are quintessentially French/Lyonnais.

It works for other things too. I know I can get a hold of British Grazia/Vogue/Marie Claire/Glamour but why bother when the French ones are readily available here and allow me to improve my French at the same time?
I think in that sense it is better to just immerse yourself in it while you can, it’s not like you’re here forever (sadly!)

That said, beans on toast wouldn’t go amiss right now!

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