I wanna be like you, I wanna walk like you, talk like you


This is where I now live: the library. I leave every so often for essentials but to be honest, if there is any mail for me please address it to

Université Jean Moulin 3

The library here is very different from the library at home. First of all it’s tiny. I understand that I have been somewhat spoiled by the 12 floors of books in the library back home but honestly, 4 floors of desks, minus pretty much any books, cannot reasonably be called a library!

Change of scenery is always good on the studying front so off I trotted to have lunch with a new friend. A new French friend.

In order to get a clearer understanding of what was going on in the French lectures I had offered to swap English language practice for lecture notes from French students. I had had an unprecedented number of offers and eventually picked one girl with whom I was having lunch today.
Judging by the nature of the exchange I assumed that I would simply be chatting for a couple of hours in English, having a nice little afternoon to myself. Instead I had been invited to a tandem, not what i was expecting.
A tandem is essentially a language swap, French girl spoke in English, I had to reply in French – yeah, this wasn’t what I was expecting at.all.

It was great, tough but great. The fact that my tandem-partner’s English is near enough fluent maybe makes the whole process a little useless for her but hey, I’m learning tons!

Other interesting points today: somebody came on the subway today with a set of ladders. This occurred at 5pm. It was not necessarily appreciated by those in the carriage but hey, it was impressive all the way!

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