Somewhere over the rainbow

photo (7)

Maybe the post title is a little clichéd but it felt like too good an opportunity to pass up!

When you live in Scotland you are often the butt of other people’s jokes when it comes to the weather. It rains here, it rains a lot. In some parts of Scotland there is more rain than sections of the Amazonian Rainforest. Yes we complain, yes we ham it up now and then but one thing that comes from so much rainfall is a spectacularly green and beautiful country.

Many people would joke that Scotland doesn’t have a rainbow like this that often simply because we don’t have enough sun to create them. Ha ha, very funny – I’ll have you know that in this picture there were actually two, very beautiful rainbows, you just have my questionable photography skills to thank for the fact that you can only see one!

Rainbows have that sort of mystique around them. Every country seems to have their variations about what lies at the end of them, for the record it is most definitely a leprechaun and pot of gold! Even the name is perfect – rainbow. Break it down – a bow for the rain filled sky, how perfect is that image?!
In French, L’arc en ciel – arc of the sky (rough translation obviously).
In the majority of European/Romantic languages the word for rainbow is a variation on the theme of arc of the sky yet typically, English has to be different. Rainbow, for me, is a touch of genius

I don’t think anybody can argue the fact that nature can be pretty spectacular. Rainbows are the softer, more delicate cousin of the violent thunderstorms that create such striking images. The picture of a rainbow might not be so hard-hitting but there is something of a childish innocence that comes with them. I might not have the guts to be a storm-chaser, craving that jaw-dropping image but “end-of-the-rainbow” chaser? Now that is something I could try 😀

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