I told me so


The other day I wrote about procrastination and how I excelled at the art. Today is a physical representation of said skill. While leaving the house earlier this week I saw a snail. The snail was just chilling on the step. It was a cool snail, we hit it off. I thought, “you know what snail? You are going to be my picture of the day…..as soon as I get back from the really important place I am going to.” Low and behold I don’t return. Instead I take a different picture that day.

Today I was heading out to a lovely coffee shop to drink coffee, eat cake and study (everybody needs a change of scenery every now and then, right?). I step out the house and before me sits snail…but minus the snaily bit! šŸ˜® The empty shell sits on the pavement and I realise that once again I have missed an opportunity due to my procrastination šŸ˜¦

So I go and drown my sorrows in coffee.

I cannot pretend to know anything about coffee, I know what tastes good and I know that I don’t like it with sugar but beyond that I am pretty clueless. Coffee shops on the other hand – that is a subject I know plenty about! Coffee shops have that buzz to them, similar to a bar at night but less leary, more welcoming and homely. I once laughed at somebody who insisted that I hadn’t lived until I had studied in Starbucks. I know now that though her sentiment was a little strong, she had a good point.

Coffee shops allow you to while away the time and still be pretty productive. The noise is 100x better than a silent room, the quiet murmur of conversation and the occasional racket of the coffee machine. Even when I sit with my headphones in I can still watch people come and go, meet and greet each other, enjoy their coffee and book.

I am a cake fiend and to me a coffee house is not complete unless there is something to satisfy my sweet tooth! Whether it be a cake, a muffin or a cookie I will appreciate anything as long as it doesn’t come in a wrapper or look oh so perfect. I want my cakes to look like a person made them, like something went a little wrong but hey it tastes good anyways so it got sent out!

Today my coffee and cake were dedicated to the snail and a lesson learnt.

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