“Hi, is that tech support?”


While perusing WordPress these past few days I came across numerous blogs which described themselves as “Tech-savvy” blogs or “Music blog with occasional tech insight ;)”. With my blog I am attempting to do many things but when it comes to technology I am going to be bluntly honest with you: I do not have a clue.

Technology and I aren’t friends, we are barely even acquaintances. Today my mum became the proud owner of a new shiny iPhone. Who was the one to back it up, transfer all the data over and get everything ready to go…? Yep, that would have been her. I am a complete and utter technophobe and to be quite honest am quite proud of myself for managing to post 16 blog posts to date with little to no issues! 😀

Technology is designed to make things more straight forward, to make our lives simpler. I have a laptop, a smartphone and watch programmes on satellite tv. These things I can cope with, anything beyond that is risky business. When the internet goes down, yeah, I have no clue how to fix that. If my printer won’t connect, well I guess I’m not printing that document today. Somebody wants to facetime me….yeah, I’ve just figured out how to use Skype, think we should be taking baby steps here….

Technology is great, no doubt about it – but I just don’t get it. The internet is a whole other world to me. There is just so many things I don’t know about and can’t comprehend that blissful ignorance suits me perfectly. I have had people sit and try and explain things to me but they quickly realised that my lack of knowledge is far reaching and that the task was just going to be too difficult. A little harsh I thought, I mean – what else can cookies refer to other than a delicious sweet treat best served with milk? :p

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