The art of the sell

I appreciate times are hard right now. With the economic downturn, recessions and general financial concerns all over the shop it is understandable that some businesses are resorting to rather unconventional means to get by. I’m not sure that there can be a better example of this than what I saw today – a “bathroom” […]

Excuses Excuses

This is what happens when 1. I disappear on a hiking trip for 3 days 2. Lose the connection leads required to upload pictures (see previous post regarding hatred towards technology) 3. Get lazy. Due to the above reasons my blog post today is going to be a mammoth of a post containing pictures, notes, […]

I told me so

The other day I wrote about procrastination and how I excelled at the art. Today is a physical representation of said skill. While leaving the house earlier this week I saw a snail. The snail was just chilling on the step. It was a cool snail, we hit it off. I thought, “you know what […]

“Hi, is that tech support?”

While perusing WordPress these past few days I came across numerous blogs which described themselves as “Tech-savvy” blogs or “Music blog with occasional tech insight ;)”. With my blog I am attempting to do many things but when it comes to technology I am going to be bluntly honest with you: I do not have […]

If not now then when? …. Later

This is an image that no student should have to see during the height of summer: the revision books out. When I should have been out enjoying the sun, basking in the heatwave that isn’t currently engulfing the country instead I was holed up inside, pouring myself over coursework. I guess that is what happens […]